Monday, April 28, 2014

Love Your Selfie

Today's Fun Monday challenge is about us, "tell us a little something about yourself AND post a selfie of yourself sticking your tongue out. Let's be silly!"

Let see what should I tell about me. I am a wife, mother of two men, grandmother of four sweet grandchildren, and a retired science teacher. I have lived in Indiana all of my 67 years, the first twenty in Fort Wayne and the other 47 here in Lake County. I have recently been called a flaming liberal, which is an epithet that I can embrace.

I enjoyed my years of teaching and am learning to enjoy retirement. I like wildflowers and spend time trying to identify and to photograph various species. Some of my time is spent volunteering. I tutor at a local elementary school, and I am active in an organization called Coats for Kids (and families). 

As most grandparents feel, our grandchildren are some of the best blessings of old age. Our four children live about two and half hours away from our home, but my husband and I try to spend as much time as possible with our childrens' children.

Although I do not think that I am particularally vain, I am not wild about the selfie picture. I tried to smile while sticking out my tongue. In any event, here is the picture.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Out the Door

Oh, happy day, Fun Monday has been resurrected. Our task for this Monday is to show the scene out the front door. Our door is new as some intruders decided to kick-in the old one. on November 5, 2013.

Outside the new door is our front porch. Beyond the porch is an old pond that my husband and I converted to a planter. The dried plants in the planter are a chrysanthemum and some marigolds from last fall. Although the temperature is warm today, spring is making a late arrival to northwest Indiana.

Fun Monday is now on Facebook. Check it out join in the fun.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Safely Remove a Splinter: Another Baking Soda Miracle

You already know several miracles that can be performed with baking soda, which is also called sodium bicarbonateYou can create a fabulous volcanic explosion by adding vinegar to the sodium bicarbonate. You can whip up a batch of tasty biscuits. You can ameliorate odoriferous fumes by placing a tub of baking soda in the smelly room or area. In a pinch, you can use the wonder chemical as an antacid although this is not recommended for a long term remedy. (Plus, the taste of baking soda is not pleasant.) Furthermore, baking soda can be used as a non-toxic cleaner. 

Perhaps, you did not realize as I did not realize that baking soda can be used to remove splinters. Last weekend, I managed to pick-up a small splinter in the surface of the skin on my little finger. My first course of action was to try to remove the small piece of wood with tweezers. I was not able to remove the splinter in this way probably for two reasons. First, not enough wood was open to the air; and second, these old eyes do not not see as well as they used to. Not to mention, that the old hand is not that steady. (I did not resort to the old method of digging at the splinter with a needle. Aren't you glad? That probably is not a a good idea or a hygienic practice.) Back to the baking soda...I found this option of removing the foreign object by Googling, "safe splinter removal." I found an article recommending applying a baking soda paste and covering the paste with a bandage. Then, leave the paste and bandage on the splinter overnight. Reapply if needed in the morning. I did this process and reapplied the bandage and baking soda as the splinter was still lodged in my finger. However shortly, the bandage got wet, and I was about the reapply. But, the splinter was gone, and the finger is fine. See baking soda to the rescue performing yet another miracle.

Disclaimer: Do not use this method if your splinter is deeply embedded, inflamed, or infected. Medical personnel should remove serious splinter issues.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dime Bag of Weed

Recently our son, Luke, posted this entry on his Facebook feed, "My plan to get the children to weed the backyard by playing Find All the Dandelions did not go very well." His post elicited a variety of reminiscences and responses including a memory from his parents of how Daddy D persuaded young Luke and his brother to rid our lawn of the pesky weeds. Our two sons were offered a nickel for the removal of each plant. My husband's sister, Ruthie, remembered being paid ten cents for a grocery bag of the yellow-flowered weeds in a much earlier time. Ruthie also reported that Daddy D and brother Dan would fill their sacks with Ruthie's flowers in order to earn the dime.

Although the task of removing spring dandelions from a yard is daunting if not impossible, the yellow flower also brings to mind many fond memories. Think of the many bouquets offered to moms and grandmas by tender children holding a fistful of dandelions in chubby little hands with that special look of love and pride. Picture a toddler sniffing the first dandelion appearance in a lawn as if smelling the sweetest rose.

When composing this post or any post, I confess to being enthralled with determining the perfect title. This particular title although provocative more or less created itself. Admittedly, dandelions are weeds, but the term, weed, as no biological meaning. A weed is merely a plant that grows where that plant is not desired. Then, of course, there is the common slang definition of the word, weed.

Dime Bag of Weed

In any event,  the cheery dandelions bring a smile to my lips and a lift to my spirit as I remember fondly picking dandelions for my mom, receiving yellow bouquets from my young sons, and seeing my sweet grandchildren gathering flowers for their parents.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Death Be Not Proud

Note: This post from August 2006, one of my favorites,  is from my earlier blog, Spring of the White Robin.

Death be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so… John Donne

Having returned from a walk in the cemetery, my thoughts turn to death. Well, I am not thinking about death so much, but what people think about death. As a child, I was terrified about the thought of my own demise. I obsessed about how, when, and why this might occur. Fast forward 50 years, to today, I find that my attitude towards death is not one of fear. I have a good life,  a wonderful family, and steadfast friends.

Walking in the cemetery has been a family tradition for a number of years. We moved into our house when our first son was 13 months old. The house is on a busy street not a block away from a large cemetery. Our custom strolling in the cemetery began very early in his life. The graveyard provided a place to walk with few cars as well peaceful surroundings. This particular site has majestic trees, lovely flowers, and at the time ducks. The cemetery provided a perfect spot to amble with our baby. I did not give it much thought that is where dead people resided. We referred to the walks as “going to see the ducks.” As the years passed, we continued the walks with our second son and many of the neighborhood children. From time to time, we even had picnics on the lawn. As the children grew, there were fewer walks through the local graveyard. But there were occasional bike rides, and the traffic-free roads provided a safe place for our driving novices.

Today, our sons are married and live in another city. However, my husband and I still enjoy a leisurely walk in the cemetery. The ducks are gone, but today we saw a great blue heron, and all sorts of wildlife, turtles, fish, dragonflies, and more. Now, some may find this practice creepy, but I enjoy a good walk in the park (errrr…cemetery.) How about you?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Beginnings

Happy August 1, I love new beginnings, fresh starts, turning over a new leaf, or any other well-worn cliche about this being the first day of the rest of your life. Even if the the start of a a new month, a new year, or a new day is an artificial opportunity for change, I relish turning the page on the calendar. I welcome the newness yet to come.

On this blog in July, I faithfully posted a Photo-a-Day trying to meet the schedule with the appropriate picture. In most cases, I enjoyed looking for the right photo to match the word or theme. In August, my approach to this blog will be somewhat different. Although I may post an occasional or even frequent photograph for the August Photo-a-Day, my intent is to concentrate on composing posts about a variety of topics.

I hope that this day is wonderful for all of us as this is the first day of August...Rabbit, rabbit.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last July Picture

I think that today's theme for Photo-a-Day is a bit unusual. Today's word is toothbrush. Now, a talented photographer can create some drama with any subject. Although I am not especially creative, I present my toothbrush photograph.