Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rose-Colored Glasses

I actually do view the world through rose-colored glasses as my prescription lenses have a very slight rose tint. This might fit my world perspective too because I live my life looking through metaphorical rose-colored glasses. There are times, however, that the reality of the world's situation sifts through my eyes and enters my heart. These past few days in learning about child soldiers in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, about the 233 people killed in Iraq, and about the tragic deaths at Virginia Tech, cause me to view the world more realistically.

Other bloggers, Thinking About, Lost a Sock, and Odd Mix have written passionately of the deaths at the university in Virginia as well ramifications this horrific event. I find it difficult to put my feelings into words other than to say I am terribly saddened by this tragedy.

In my imaginary Pollyanna-like world, these bad things do not happen. Although in the real world, bad things do happen. However, as I pick-up my rose-colored glasses, I fervently believe that humankind can do better. And, I think that we should get started.


willowtree said...

You've read my blog, so you know we are in total agreement on this matter. I won't write about such things, but that doesn't mean they don't sadden me deeply.

Pamela said...

There will always be those who splatter mud on our rose colored glasses.

paddy said...

mjd, you know my take on that. Yes, let us get started; as leonard Cohen says "the future is here", we're in the flood of human misery and strief, and it looks from what has happened and what has been done has absolutely no balance to it.
I seem to remember the words as a kid "never again"; then along comes Ruanda / Bosnia two Genocides in our lifetime (not to mention other atrocities ). I would like to haul up who ever said that. Was it the likes of you and me?. Thanks mjd for your post. I am not so dour all the time. If you give up hope, well!. In fact if I remember faith, hope, and charity are the three great virtues that the New Testament calls for. Cheers!! Y:-) Paddy

Cazzie!!! said...

Here , Here, I second the motion, there is no time like the now than to start making steps towards a better World. Sadly, not everyone seems to agree with us.
I wuld click on the links you provided, but, same as you, these atrocities enter my heart, they affect me no end, just as watching the NEWS does. I do not watch the NEWS anymore, only to see what the weather may bring.
Of late, I cannot watch that even, because it never seems to tell me what I want, RAIN!!!

Ginnie said...

When it seems overwhelming to me I remember that each one of us will influence (on average) at least 10 other people during our lifetime. We have the choice as to whether that influence will be for good or for evil.
Just think what would happen world wide if each one of us made it for the good !!

Desert Songbird said...

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Congrats on the news of your new grandchild.

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Jenn in Holland said...

You see? A post like this is just why I lurk here. You said it so beautifully, and if ever I could have written words so lovely I would say "you took the words right out of my mouth!"

Love especially the last line.

Thanks for coming by today and leaving a comment. It's nice to hear from you.
Your most earnest lurker,

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