Monday, May 5, 2008

Indiana Wants You

This afternoon, one of the candidates running for president of the United States of America made a campaign stop at the same fire station where I will vote tomorrow. The candidate is not my first choice for president, but I did go down the street and stood on the curb for two hours to try to catch a glimpse of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I did hear her speech from outside and the introduction by Indiana's handsome Senator Evan Bayh.

Even though those of us standing outside the fire station did not actually meet Senator Clinton, I did enjoy the camaraderie and exuberance shared by my fellow constituents. And even though I will cast my vote tomorrow for Barack Obama, I was interested in Hillary's speech. If my first choice, Senator Obama, does not win the nomination, I will definitely be voting for Hillary in November.

Generally, because party candidates are usually selected before May, the Indiana primary has little or no bearing on the selection of national candidates. However, this year Indiana's voice or at least the voice of the democratic electorate will be heard and may make a difference in the outcome of the nomination of the Democratic candidate. Both candidates and their spouses have made several visits to our usually forgotten state.

On the eve of the Indiana primary, this interest in our state and the fact that my party is about to select a woman or an African-American male to be the nominee of the Democratic party encourages me, refreshes me, and inspires me.


daddy d said...

It is good to see and hear that the potical process is for real. It was going on just down the street. Neat. It is kinda like knowing a chair is a chair objective process.

Margaret said...

I so agree that politics in American are exciting these days. Like you, my first choice would be Obama and he got my vote in our caucus. However, I would have to vote for Hillary if she is the nominee because McCain scares me to death.

Anonymous said...

Well, that makes four of us.

Biddie said...

Well, I don't follow it enough ( I live in Canada) but I do sgree that it is very exciting to have a woman and an African American in the running.
It's about time.

Luke said...

We considered going to the big Obama rally last night here in Indy, but we decided it would be too hard with a baby who would need to eat and be changed within the time we would be outside waiting.

I did get out to actually vote today and took Kara with me, but she couldn't cast a ballot herself.

Frema said...

It inspires me, too. :)

swampy said...

WE've come a long way bay-bee...and we have a long way to go.

Just flew by to remind you about Karmyn's Baby Shower on Friday.

debi said...

it really is an amazing time.

karisma said...

Well, whoever, you all choose, its got to be an improvement on who you have now! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I have to get caught up on everybody, just wanted to let you know I'm alive and missed you!

The progress that we've made as a societ is definately reflected in the diversity of the candidates but it sucks that real people with real values are no longer in politics. None of them give real answers or say what they really stand for...we'll never have another Kennedy, Roosevelt, Washington...

captain corky said...

How could the Birdman leave off Ronald Reagan on that list...

Anyway I'll be voting for Obama too, although the more I listen to Hillary the more I like her. It's kind of tough to decide. All I know is that after Bush I will never vote for a Republican again. There will never be another Ronald Reagan! ;)

Molly said...

Looks like Indiana DID have a big say this time round! Will I be forever banned from here if I said I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she was running for dogcatcher? It's a moot point anyway since I'm an alien!

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