Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun Monday: Three Generations

Oh no, it is Tuesday morning, and I have not yet created my Fun Monday post. Our dedicated host for the month of October is Faye of Summit Musings. Faye has asked us to display our favorite family photos. My selection includes representative photos rather than specific favorites. These choices remind me of the many good times in my life and the life of my family.

This first photo is from a Christmas sixty years ago. This is a picture of my sisters and me surveying our Christmas gifts on that December morning in our brand new robes. I am the littlest sister with the toy Ukulele. (Notice the wallpaper in the background; it was dark green...yuck.)

My second photo features my husband and our two sons.

This is a picture of our oldest grandchild as she surveys the intricacies of this stick.

Here our youngest grandchildren are watching their Grandpa plow the driveway with his red tractor.


Jill said...

I love seeing the generations bloom! Love the old fashioned photos to today's itty bittys!

Sayre said...

I know we have a ton of Christmas pictures, but they never quite capture it as Christmas was always chaos at my house when I was a kid! My memories are more representative of that particular day.

I love all your pictures though - Pictures of kids are always so cute!

Margaret said...

Kids and memories make photos special!!

Faye said...

Love the way you've shared the good times of your life through photos, Molly--from the excitement of Christmas morning to the two little one wanting to be out with grand scraping snow. Now we take so many photos in the digital age that they don't seem quite so precious as the older ones. The important thing is to do what you've done, capture some of the best memories from each stage of your life.

daddy d said...

Will that snow come again and again and again?

Molly said...

Yes, Again,again,again :)