Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Monday - Dinner Party

Our hostesses for the month of March, the Georgia Girls at In Good Company ask, "If you could invite 5 other people for dinner and conversation, who would be on the guest list?  A famous person, a favorite author, someone who shares one of your hobbies or passions, etc.  Do you have a question for them?  (If you want to include the obvious people, that's okay, but maybe there are some other individuals who might enjoy a night out." 

My mother, Laura Gray, loved to throw dinner parties. Although during the week, we might eat tasty but  routine meals (cooked by my father). On party days, my mother became the chef extraordinaire creating feasts of gastronomic renown. She cooked for friends frequently. Additionally, she was a grand hostess and a capable conversationalist making her all of her guests feel at home and included in the conversation. One time she prepared a feast for thieves and murderers, who were giving a presentation to the youth at our church. 

Unfortunately, I did not inherit my mother's flair for throwing parties. Thus, my dinner party would need to be a catered event. Now, who would be on my guest list? In honor of Women's History Month, I will invite five women, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sojourner Truth, Gladys Alyward, Mary Ann Evans (George Elliot) , and Madame Curie. I will pose this question to my honored dinner guests. "How were you able to overcome the bias against women still achieve greatness?" (These women are representative of women, who achieved success in times or in areas of male supremacy . Of course, a number of others throughout history could speak at length about the topic.)


Anonymous said...

Great question. Maybe there are five different answers. MGD

Sayre said...

You know, when I was picking my five, they were originally all men! When I realized that, I went back and revised my list - at least I have two women on it now.

This question made me think of that old program where famous people (Cleopatra, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein) were invited to dinner to have a conversation. I can't remember who hosted it - Bill Moyers? Mark Russell? Can't come up with it. Used to be on PBS.

Anyway, I love your take on this.

Margaret said...

Fascinating guest list! I like to entertain but not to organize a huge meal. Too stressful!

Georgia Girls said...

I agree with Margaret. I love to do the entertaining part, but not worry about food. How great to have had a Mother who enjoyed that! I've participated in several Murder parties, which are always fun.
Great list -- and a spirited conversation, I'm sure.

Roger said...

I would suspect that they never let themselves get into a corner as being just "A woman" and went about and did things the way that they thought were best, not worrying about anything else. I could be wrong. Although it would be fun, to after dinner ask "who wants to do the dishes?" :-)

Very interesting choices, and I think Elizabeth I would have fit in nicely with your group, along with Cleopatra and I believe it was Queen Helena would make excellent company.

Faye said...

We live so differently now. I can remember a time when it was routine to get out the best china, polish the silver and cook wonderful meals--all for one evening's entertainment. Catered seems like the best way to go to me also. As for your guest list, it would be amazing to hear these women describe their paths through a male dominated culture. I'll bet each path was different.

~sWaMpY~ said...

Great guest list ! Motivates me to do a little research and know more about them.
There was a time in my life when I loved to planned parties . . .but not so much anymore.

Georgia Girls said...

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