Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Do Lunch

The word of the day for the July Photo-a-Day is Lunch. With us, the important factor is not what we eat but where we eat. Most days, we have the same thing for lunch, yogurt with cereal. On many days, we eat our noonday meal on our screened-in back porch. We are able to eat there from late spring and well into the fall season. During the recent heat wave, we were forced into the air conditioning for most meals. Fortunately, there has been a break in the hot weather so today's lunch was on the back porch. Both the weather and the view are quite pleasant even if our fare is not exciting.


Margaret said...

Beautiful and peaceful! Your lunch sounds more like my breakfast, although I should eat more yogurt.

daddyd said...

The change in temperature has been great. Eating out doors is very nice. There is joy all around with decrease in temperature.