Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The word for Photo-a-Day for July 18 is plate. I inherited this lovely flow-blue Johnson Bros. Kenworth pattern plate from my mother. The pattern dates back to the late nineteenth century. She had three plates with different patterns. I have two sisters, and each sister inherited a plate. I especially like this berry motif so I am happy this is my plate.


Margaret said...

That's a gorgeous plate! I love that color scheme; it's why I've always been attracted to Delft(sp?) plates!

dadyd said...

Dark blue/white colors really show each other off. This a good forever. 1 of 3 is a very nice move on by your mother.

Lynne said...

Hello MJ! So glad to see you back blogging again!

I have a nearly full set of flow-blue with the same pattern! The only difference is mine have a straight edge and not a scalloped one. Same berry pattern though. I have six or eight place setting (of three sizes of plates) and a few covered serving tureens and a platter. My mom left if to me, and she inherited them from my Dad's mother, for whom the dishes were a wedding gift.

The dishes are so thin and fragile that you can see light through them! I don't know the maker of mine though.

I did send you the information for logging on to my blog but I see that you never registered? Do you want me to send it to you again? Registering is easy!

Again, glad you're back!