Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Beginnings

Happy August 1, I love new beginnings, fresh starts, turning over a new leaf, or any other well-worn cliche about this being the first day of the rest of your life. Even if the the start of a a new month, a new year, or a new day is an artificial opportunity for change, I relish turning the page on the calendar. I welcome the newness yet to come.

On this blog in July, I faithfully posted a Photo-a-Day trying to meet the schedule with the appropriate picture. In most cases, I enjoyed looking for the right photo to match the word or theme. In August, my approach to this blog will be somewhat different. Although I may post an occasional or even frequent photograph for the August Photo-a-Day, my intent is to concentrate on composing posts about a variety of topics.

I hope that this day is wonderful for all of us as this is the first day of August...Rabbit, rabbit.


daddyd said...

Good job on all those July postings.

You are very right on new starts. My back nine holes of golf were much better because of the idea of a fresh nine, starting with hole 10. A player with me said he thinks in terms of every three hole. That makes for 6 startings and not just 2 per 18 holes. The key is to keep trying.

Faye said...

Another fan of new beginnings here as well--love student calenders because you get to start a new one in September. Enjoy August, Molly--and then comes September.

Sayre said...

School has begun for my son and he is excited and happy about it!!! Finally he sees the value of having learning fill your days.

I just wanted to say that although I didn't come EVERY day, I enjoyed your pictures in July.