Friday, July 6, 2007

Mako Mike's

Before our recent trip Virginia and the Outer Banks, a reader, Mrs. Higrens, from Virginia left a comment with some valuable travel tips and a dining recommendation. First, she offered this advice, " be careful on Route 158 between VA and the Outer Banks because there have been multiple fatal wrecks there in the past couple of weeks." Although Daddy D and I made the trip from Virginia to North Carolina unscathed, the traffic was horrendous. Some of the worst, I have experienced, and we live outside Chicago. Of course, when driving to Chicago, we usually know which roads to avoid.

Other than the evil traffic in getting to the Outer Banks , we had a wonderful trip at Monticello, The Mariner's Museum, Kill Devil Hills , and the Currituck Lighthouse. The links lead to my virtual postcards from those sights. On driving down US 64 on the Outer Banks, I was excited to see Mako Mike's, the restaurant recommended by Mrs. Higrens. As the link proclaims they have, "Killer Food." In addition to the great seafood, Mako Mike's has a very fascinating thematic decor, the perfect place for two weary travelers or a whole gang of party-goers to eat.Thanks for the tips, Mrs. Higrens.

Do you have a favorite restaurant to recommend either to travelers or to folks that live nearby your hometown?
If you are interested in a Fun Monday on July 9th, go to Deb's Melon's Patch ?This week's host, Deb has this request, "Show your favorite place to relax. It can be a
chair, corner, ledge, or limb. :) Get out those cameras and take pics or just
write how you feel when you are in your zone." If you have a favorite place to
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swamp witch said...

A restaurant ANYWHERE? These might be a long drive for you but well worth it...They are all in Colorado:
Sleepy Cat Guest Ranch-Meeker
The Fort - Morrison
The Tundra-Beaumont Hotel-Ouray
Tarragon-Elk Mtn.Resort-Telluride

And one in Moab,Utah:
The River Grill-Sorrel River Ranch

Jen said...

If you ever get down to Charleston, SC, go to Hanks on the Market. Fabulous seafood, you need to try the She Crab Soup. If you decide to hit Raleigh, NC on your way back, try Angus Barn. It's tough to get in, but the chef recently made an appearance on Iron Chef America. The steak is awesome if you can get over the fact that you're eating in a barn.

goldennib said...

That restaurant looks like fun.

Nobody would visit where I live on purpose (for vacation, anyway.)

Margaret said...

I have several recommendations, but it depends on where people are traveling. (Seattle, north of there, south of there, etc...) And the traffic is evil here too. Horrible.

daddy d said...

That was a nice place. It was good to get off the road and yet have a feel for that water/beach mode of life.

theotherbear said...

Well there are lots of restaurants I would recommend here. But it is a long way away from most people so they don't tend to get here often. However, pick anywhere by the water here in Sydney and you won't go wrong!
The one you visited looked interesting!

Pamela said...

oh yea.... if you ever come to southeastern washington.... I've got several wonderful places to appease your palate

Princess Banter said...

Awww sounded like loads of fun! Can I go with you next time? ;)

Liz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your get well wishes. Sorry you found me recuperating, but as I told Willow, I really do blog about other stuff besides my uncooperative organs. I see that you are a 7th grade science teacher; I've taught 7th grade language arts for the past two years but I am moving to 10th grade American Lit. this year. Very nice to meet you.

susan said...

Mike's looks great! very favorite place is called the Garden Cafe in Port Angeles. Or closer to home (for me at least) is Dixie's BBQ.

So you heading out to the west coast soon??? :D

Debs said...

That place just looks like FUN! :)

Frema said...

It's not our hometown, but if people come to Indy, Luke and I try to take them to Bub's Burgers, home of "The Big Ugly."

Mrs. Higrens said...

So very glad you enjoyed the restaurant. I've never had a bad meal there, but after I left the recommendation I was afraid that you would, and then blame me. Phew!

Multiple large military bases + lots of water with a limited number of bridges (some of which have scheduled openings) + very few major arteries (with few alternative routes) + bad drivers = horrendous traffic. Sorry you had to experience that negative to this area.

Hopefully the rest of the trip was enjoyable enough to offset the traffic issues.

Luke said...

Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream (in Carmel, IN) does have some mighty good burgers, and if you finish the Big Ugly you get your picture on the wall. It starts out as a 22-ounce patty that cooks down to a full pound. You have to eat the whole bun and any tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and condiments you add to it for them to take your picture.