Monday, August 20, 2007

Good-bye Summer

I know that fall will not actually start for another month, and I realize that there are thirty more days until summer of 2007 sounds the death knell. However, for millions of school children, college students, and teachers the traditional summer vacation is coming to a close in the United States. Some schools have already begun, and some schools will start after Labor Day. However, for Daddy D, me, and the children in our school corporation, school starts this week, and summer vacation is officially over. Weekday trips to the beach are over. Sleeping late in the morning is finished. Midday picnics are caput.

Thinking about the summer season reminds me of the summers of my childhood. In the days before home air conditioning was common place, water play was important to children. I remember the joys of running through the sprinkler to cool off. Do children still do that? If it was very hot, my parents would fill a wash tub for me to cool off in the yard. Our wealthiest neighbors always had a kiddie pool. Luckily, these kind folks were always willing to share the water fun with the neighborhood children. In this picture depicting summer fun in the early 50's, I was not old enough to attend school. But in those days, school always started after on the Wednesday after Labor Day. Whatever kind of summer fun the children of today have, that summer fun for the most part is over for the year.

Good-bye to summer fun. There is no more running through the lawn sprinkler. (Darn it.) I am off for School Organization Day for the 2007 - 2008 school year. Sigh...


daddy d said...

"Summer" fun is just one time of fun in the year. Now, begins the "fall" fun. After that is the "winter" fun and then the "spring" fun. The cycle is complete. One fun time runs into another. Each is different than the other.

Jen said...

I'm always amazed at how early how kids go back to school here. They started on the 6th of August, and yet it's still so hot and will be until October.

I loved running throught the sprinkler as a kid. Until my decided we were ruining his lawn.

Sunshine said...

I love the summer fun, but getting back to the routine and schedule of school has it's bonus points as well.
I agree with Daddy D, there's good things waiting around the corner at all times of year.

goldennib said...

Great picture.

I haven't had a summer vacation in many years, but now I'm sad that it's over.

Lynne said...

We had a little wading pool just like that! Summer vacation lasted FOREVER when I was a child ... at least it seemed so and we never went back until after Labor Day.

Margaret said...

I still love to run through the sprinkler; it's exhilirating. A blog friend of mine wrote that August is the new September, and I have to agree with that. We start the Wednesday after Labor Day, but all the teacher days eat up the end part of August anyway. Good luck!!

ChrisB said...

I don't want to think about autumn just yet but the temperature has been dropping and the air has a chill to it. In another month I will have been retired for a year where has the time gone!

Beccy said...

Funnily enough Autumn started in August in Ireland (mad I know), whereas in the UK it starts in September. I keep teaching the children my way as to me it makes more sense.

gawilli said...

We had our first day back for staff today. It was a very fun time for me. The entire corporation meets at the high school for a welcome and this year we had a program from a comedy troop called Standards and Deliver. It was great to revive old friendships and see many that I haven't seen since the spring. I can't say I will miss summer, but then Willi and I no longer have them off. It is comforting for me to know that you and Daddy D are back working with our kiddos. And I'm glad you had such a wonderful summer!

willowtree said...

I'm saying goodbye winter over here.

The Hotfessional said...

I had a pool like that too. I think I have a REALLY OLD (I'm allowed to say that because I am really old).

captain corky said...

In New Jersey it would still be Summer for kids, but here it's fall, except that it's 2000 degrees outside.

We used to go on slip and slides and we also used to swim/fish in a brook sometimes. I miss endless Summers.

Robin said...

My children still played in the sprinkler when they were younger...AND a kiddie pool. In my mind's ear, I can still hear their squeals of delight (thanks for that memory:) ).

Loved Daddy D's perspective; he's dead on.

and a little p.s...two, actually--1) I had a Kahlua and Cream last night (out) and thought of you and smiled (waaay too much ice in the glass, but it was still good); and 2) I have a little sursee for you in my post from last evening (hmmm, I completed the post AFTER the K&C, so I hope it makes sense!) :).

Hannah said...

We're definitely saying goodbye summer here, it's been so horribly grey and wet and windy.
The seasons are so messed up here this year, we've hardly had any summer to enjoy.

Molly said...

So sad, saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer. Although, nerd that I was, I always got a thrill from my stack of new books, fresh from the printer. Putting brown paper covers on them was not a chore, but a holy ritual.....

Tiggerlane said...

Yeah - summer is far too short. This is the first week of school, and the poor kiddo came home the second day and slept for 2 hours...

I miss the innocent sprinkler days...

paddy said...

I loved summer when I was a kid, the what seemed endlessness of it though deep down I knew it would end, but that was how it felt.
Whenever I think of summer I smell the cut grass and imagine I here the shears and the clip clip of the hedgerows with the hand shers, and the sound of the lawnmower spinning and whirling chropping the lawns tightly.
Though there are many, but the one flower that brings back childhood summers (for whatever reason it remains prominent) is the rose.
"Oh can I go to my love's side
Oh let me go this day,
Please let me go to my love's side,
Oh mother, don't make me stay.
I was a rose in April
And still a rose in June
I fear that come the winter,
I shall no longer bloom

Oh daughter, daughter you cannot go,
Oh you cannot go this day.
Your father, he forbade you,
And at home you must remain.
You were a rose in April,
And still a rose in June,
But God can send five winters
And I know my rose will bloom

Mother, mother, I must away
Unto my true love's side.
Bring to me my white horse,
And away to him I'll ride
She's rode through fields of barley,
And she's rode throught fields of corn,
She's come unto her true love
[A Rose In April Lyrics on]
One hour before the dawn.

Her father, being awakened,
Heard of his daughter's flight.
He's taken up his dagger
And he's rode into the night.
He's rode through fields of barley
And he's sped through fields of corn.
He's come unto her true love's house
Just before the dawn." K Rusby
Y;-) paddy

Luke said...

I actually remember the last time I ran through the water of a sprinkler. Mostly because I stepped on a rock and bruised the bottom of my foot. I believe I must have been 8 or 9.

Now, I am looking forward to summer being over. My car doesn't have AC these days, making for a pretty hot drive to and from work. Besides, Frema and I both like fall.

Kaytabug said...

No! I will not say goodbye until Sept 22nd! I love you B&W photos!!

So I had a question from a comment you left on my blog(didn't know if you'd come back to see my question) was that HS or college? also thanks for the kind words...I didn't mean for it to be moving...It is nice to know it moved someone...

bichonpawz said...

Have to agree with DaddyD - I ADORE Fall!! Much more so than even summer. I hate the heat. September brings nice warm days and cool idea of perfect weather!! Once my daughter moved out, I don't notice a whole lot of things that change in my life after the summer and transitioning to fall. Except by October 15th I have to move all my crap back to my regular house. My cottage does not have water in the winter! So, I'll be packing up beginning mid September. That's the sad part of it for me.