Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Monday - Ho, Ho, Ho

Julie of Another Chance Ranch is the host of November's Fun Monday events. For this last Monday in November, Julie has selected these timely questions, "When do you start your Christmas shopping? and "Who is the hardest person to shop for?"

My first answer to the first question is no specific time. Although on very rare occasions I have started shopping early, generally my husband and I are last minute shoppers or at least last day shoppers. For a number of years, my spouse and I would wake early Christmas Eve morning and travel to the community shopping mall before eight o'clock. Granted if you are hoping to buy this year's hot toy item, you will not find this treasure on the last day. However, the stores have plenty of lovely gift selections and ample sales on that last shopping day before Christmas. Additionally, the shopping on Christmas Eve morning is a pleasant and leisurely affair. Shoppers and store personnel alike seem to be full of good cheer. Usually, after this last minute purchasing, we have a leisurely coffee delight and snack at ten or eleven in the morning with plenty of time for wrapping these gifts in the afternoon.

Who is our hardest person to shop for? There is no one person on my list that is extremely hard to select a present. This might vary from year to year. Sometimes, I will have some brilliant insight on the perfect gift for a specific person; other years, I am at a lost for that same loved one.

Hopefully, you early shoppers are not horrified by my lackadaisical attitude towards buying gifts for friends and loved ones.  To read how others shop, visit Julie at Another Chance Ranch .


Faye said...

I think you've mastered the art of thoughtful, no stress gift giving, Molly. The secret to a successful gift is to really observe and listen to the recipient to figure out what would really please them. And you know when you've hit the mark. That pleased, happy look on their faces says it all.

All the best to you and your family for a happy holiday.

Margaret said...

The less the stress, the more you can get into the spirit. I shop early(already done) and only do as much as I want to. This year has been very easy, but some years aren't.

karisma said...

Shopping? We are supposed to go shopping? I can't like it!

I remember one of my children being extremely hard to please when she was little. She was rather materialistic and after years of stressing one day I gave up and just starting making her presents! And you know what? She loved them more than anything I had ever bought her!

daddy d said...

That sounds like a plan worth keeping. Lets maybe make it happen in St. Joe, Michigan.