Monday, January 3, 2011

Brrr...Fun Monday

Today's Fun Monday host, Ari at A Prawn of Fate , is the Fun Monday host for the month of January. For this first Monday of our new year of faithful host is asking about our winter arsenal.

Here in northwest Indiana, we do get some snow, and many of the days in December, January, and February are quite cold.

Big Snowfall in Mid-December 2010

When I was young and charming (or least when I was a young and not necessarily charming), I seemed impervious to the cold. On many winter days, I wore shorts and flip-flops, which we called thongs in the 1960's, (but calling the shoes, thongs, might give you the wrong idea). Additionally, I was one of those crazy kids, who never buttoned her coat. Now, that I am older and more sensible (well, at least I am older.) I wear buttoned or zipped coats, gloves, and scarfs to ward off the winter's chill. For very cold days, I have a down-filled jacket. If the temperature is extremely low, I add long underwear to my outdoor garb. My footwear is somewhat more sensible than flip-flops, but I confess to not owning a pair of boots.

Inside the house we keep the temperature at 70 degrees in the day, and 65 degrees at night. Furthermore, we have blankets on our chairs and couches to provide extra warmth. Hot chocolate and other warm drinks are used to warm the innards.

This morning the temperature is 25 degrees in Lake County, Indiana. I hope that you live in a warm climate or that you able to keep warm using your "winter arsenal." To find out how others keep warm on this fine Fun Monday, visit Ari at A Prawn of Fate .


Margaret said...

Cold here today too, but no snow. I think we have a couple days of cold, then we get our rain back. (which I prefer)

Pamela said...

a nice photo to accompany too!
I've heard that the winter storms have been nasty back there!

Faye said...

Hi Molly! Your neighbor across the river agrees that our winters are plenty cold. I'm not one to long for warmer weather though--winter is the best season, imho. Got a giggle out of your "thongs"--have on a pair right now, but I do call them flip flops to avaid confusion. I too have worn them for many years. What is it about we children of the 60s? I hated coats and--even worse--head scarves! Did you have to wear one of those to keep from getting "slow TB" as my mother used to threaten?!

Molly said...

Faye, I do not remember wearing many head scarves, but then I again I did not often listen to what my mother said. I do remember my father telling me to wear my boots. He even told my husband in jest to make sure that I wore my boots.

Anonymous said...

Your arsenal looks much like ours. I have a blanket over my lap this evening, in fact. John would consider me reckless in my winter garb. I have, however, added cleats this year since I took several spills last year on the ice! Never thought I would do that!

ari_1965 said...

70F is a little warm indoors for me. I generally go for around 58 or 60F. The new place is rather cold, however. So my thermostat is a little higher these days.

Oh, I'd forgotten that flip-flops were called thongs. I remember running across the road from the park to the Dairy Queen in summer. It would be so hot the asphalt would stick to your flip-flops and there'd be this fun sucking sound as you ran to get your Dilly Bar.

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Jo said...

Not long ago I told a young woman (teenage years) that we used to call flip-flops thongs and I'm not sure she believed me. When I said we wore dress boots that zipped up the front and called them go go boots, I'm sure she didn't.

Molly said...

My arsenal, even here in Florida, gives top billing to a hot water bottle, without which I do not go to bed between October and May! Call me a wimp, but I cannot sleep if my toes are cold!
Happy New Year to you too Molly!

daddy d said...

It has been cold for the past several days. I however, have gone outside and hit golf ball down the back yard and back again. Stay warm and dry.