Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Monday - Unfinished Business

Today's Fun Monday host, ari_1965 at A Prawn of Fate , is the Fun Monday host for the month of all of January. For this fine Monday morning in January, Ari is asking us about Unfinished Business whether that is business fits in the realm of the mundane or the more profound realm of the emotional.

To minimize unfinished business, I do have a trick to not having incomplete tasks. My trick is only work on small projects, those that can be completed in a few minutes, in a few hours, or at the most in a few days. Then the question arises, "Do the jobs that have not been initiated count as unfinished business?"

To name a few, I have several projects that fit under the title of "Never Started Category."

1. Converting our family 35 mm slides to the digital picture format

Some of the many slides waiting to be digitized

2. Sending 2010 Christmas cards
3. Organizing the materials on my computer desk. This task has subcategories including creating photo album/scrapbooks about each of our grandchildren, organizing church information, filing Coats for Kids (and families) papers, and sorting various bits of mail
4. Learning to play the dulcimer - a lifelong goal

The colorful cardboard  dulcimer waiting to be played was made by a co-worker. Someday, I will purchase a handmade wooden dulcimer.                                                                                                             
Sometimes my unfinished business is not composing the week's Fun Monday post after signing-up.:( However, once my entry is posted, I do try to make the rounds to visit the other Fun Monday entries as well as offer a comment.) Please check out other tales of unfinished business by visiting Ari at A Prawn of Fate .


Jill said...

I need to finish a scrapbook for my husband, too, it's lacking a photo of him with my daughter, the 'change' from kid to adult for him. Lol. Then I have a scrapbook for Keeley. Guess I ought to consider starting that. I bought it because a cousin needed to fill an order, I wasn't really prepared to take on the project, but.. oh well!

Sayre said...

I see that dulcimer is still in it's wrapper...

My parents have loads of slides - most of which aren't all that compelling, but there are a couple of carousels of the farm in Wales and the family there that I'd love to see digitized. Do you take it somewhere to have it done?

Molly said...

I bought a VuPoint Film and Slide Digital Converter from National Geographic although I may take the slides to a photo store to have this done. However, some of the slides should be tossed so I act least need to sort the slides.

Sayre said...

Molly - yes, I still have family there! In fact, my grandmother's old house is rentable for vacationers.

My grandmother lives in a little town called Tallybont now, but her brother and his wife still run the farm (it's a working sheep farm). The rent house is across the driveway from the main house, which is over 800 years old!

Faye said...

Eating those elephants one bite at a time Molly? What a wise approach. Sometimes our unfiished business doesn't get done because we set such impossible standards so easier to ignore or fret over the things undone than to tick thm off.

I wish I had more computer/technology skills. Am beginning to worry about computer crashing and losing photos, documents, and almost 300 blog posts because I don't know how to back up files. Must get my friend the Geek Squad over. One of the regrets that I have is not learning to play any musical instrument. I hope you do learn to play your dulcimere as it seems to be something that calls you. Think you've mentioned before?

ari_1965 said...

I love the sound of the dulcimer!

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The Church Lady said...

Organizing photos is a biggie. I am trying to convert my 8 mm tapes to DVD (I forgot to mention that one in my post). I think it is so important to preserve those memories!

karisma said...

HI Molly! Wise words about small projects! A friend of mine said that to me a while ago and I got started on loads of small projects as opposed to all my unfinished big ones! Woops! I did finish the small projects though! hehe!

My xmas cards from 3 years ago are still in the cupboard. I gave up after that. Waste of paper I think! Can't we just yell Happy Xmas?

Hugs lovely! mwah xoxoxo

~SwAmPy~ said...

Makes me tired just reading . . . so many projects . . . so little time.