Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Monday - In Which I Win a Newbery Award

As January comes to close. Ari of A Prawn of Fate completes her tenure as host of Fun Monday. Our final January assignment is, "Your first novel is published to wide acclaim. What's the title of your novel and what is it about?" Serendipitously, I completed this assignment some time ago, and you can read about it my sidebar. For your ease of reading, I have pasted the story in the next paragraph. (This is current version of my blog adventure is a resurrected edition of my original deleted blog, Spring of the White Robin; hence, the current blog name is Return of the White Robin.)

All right, fine, so how was Spring of the White Robin born? Well, among other things, I imagine myself as a great writer. Okay, so my writing is not so great, but I have a great title. Strangely enough, there is such a bird as a white robin. Maybe there is not an all white robin, but there are robins with white feathers where other robins have red feathers, a robin white breast so to speak. So in my fantasy world where I AM the great writer, I write a tale for preteens about a young girl having grand adventures and creating splendid inventions during the spring, in which our heroine simultaneously discovers a pair of white robins. Of course, my novelette is adored by young girls everywhere; and thus, I am an instant success.

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