Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Perfect Day for Weeding

In reality, I do not think that there is a perfect day for weeding. Weeding is not a task that I relish. However today, I spent an hour or so removing weeds and saplings from a three foot by ten foot planter in our yard. The planter is in an area surrounded by red lava rocks. There were plenty of weeds and saplings in the lava rock area too.

Even if I do not particularly enjoy the task, the weather was extremely pleasant. The sky was a bright, clear blue. The temperature was seventy-three degrees, and a gentle wind was blowing. All in all a lovely day.

As I removed weeds, which is a rather mindless task, I imagined that one might remove metaphorical weeds from our hearts and souls in a similar fashion. Some of the weeds in the planter are easily extracted roots and all; others take two hands or even a trowel. Some of the more stubborn culprits are seemingly impossible but can be diminished by cutting. Productive life changes may be similar. Some habits are easily abandoned; others take more work. Finally, other unhealthy practices can be diminished, but stopping them may be extremely challenging. Perhaps, I will begin such a process as the weather is perfect.


Luke said...

We have quite a few weeds at our house, literal ones. But we have yet to see a good day for actually getting rid of them.

Debbie said...

Sometimes you get things all weeded, but the seeds are still there in the soil somewhere, so you know you'll have to weed again shortly. But hopefully, you can enjoy the weed-free view for a little while anyway!

Margaret said...

I like your metaphor! We could certainly use more days here like you had there. Of course, I can always use rain as an excuse not to weed!

daddyd said...

Very nice application of green weeds to life's "weeds". Most of the time weeding is no fun, but the weather can help. That is the case on all levels of life.