Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Part of the Day

The topic Day 3 of the Photo-a-Day is the Best Part of the Day. Of course, this may vary from day to day. Some days, the best part of the day is the very quiet beginning of the day sipping a cup of coffee. On pleasant evenings sitting with my husband on our front porch as the lightening bugs start to flash rhythmically in the yard is the best part of the day.  Some Sundays, the best part of the day revolves around our Sunday school class discussions. Other days, the best part of the day is reading a story to one of our sweet grandchildren. But, on many days, the best part is when my husband and I take our daily walk. Not only are we exercising, but we chat as we stroll to the park or down the street greeting our neighbors.


daddyd said...

Good job on this picture. For sure a good day may have many good parts. Even a bad day, may have a good part or two. We will just work on it and move alone together. Here "it" means to have a positive good part of a day any way.

Margaret said...

Those are all best parts of the day! I'm finding many small things to be my best parts since life has been quite stressful lately.

Luke said...

Dad and I took a nice walk at a park just outside Cleveland last weekend. The pathways had these words on them at certain points along the way: Be courteous. Give Notice When Passing.