Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun Monday - Money, Money, Money

I love the day before the winning numbers are drawn before a large lottery jackpot. The day before the drawing everyone is a winner. People are dreaming how they would spend the 91 million dollar jackpot. Many are imagining quitting their jobs. Some are donating all of their winnings to charity. Others are living a luxurious lifestyle with mansions and Maseratis. I love that sharing of dreams.

The Fun Monday Assignment - In the spirit of an early television show, The Millionaire, in which a fabulously wealthy man gave away a million dollars anonymously in every episode, imagine that you are the recipient of a large sum of money, say 10 million dollars (to account for inflation). Tell us what you would do with the gift and how would your lifestyle change.

I adored the Millionaire Show. Each episode chronicled what the recipient did with the tax-free gift and how the large sum of money impacted the life of the recipient. As you can imagine, not all were able to respond wisely and gracefully to the large increase in their bank accounts. 

For me, I would like to live my life in a way similar to our current style but on a bigger scale. I would like to have some luxuries, to provide gifts and security for the ones I love, and to donate to worthwhile charities and political action groups. 

As for luxuries, I would add a weekly pedicure and manicure to my beauty regimen and perhaps an occasional massage. We might choose to stay in our current home but a second home near our children and grandchildren would be great. As I owe my husband a Corvette anyway, we would buy a desired year and model. Of course, we would need a heated pole barn to store the new vehicle. Additionally, we would increase travel plans to see more of the country and the world.

Providing for our loved ones would include paying off mortgages and setting up trust funds for our grandchildren's college education.

Finally, as we do now, I would look for worthwhile and responsible charities to share in my 
new wealth.

Note: A list of players for today's Fun Monday is directly below this post. If you have not signed up for the February 7th event, let me know in the comments. (Thanks)

I apparently dismantled the Mister Linky Sign-up boxes. So in addition to the ten participants below, please add the Lovely Jill at Life is Not Bubble Wrapped to the list of participants. 

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Pamela said...

oh yes! a pedicure and manicure every week. That is what I want, too! (:

Sayre said...

Oooo... a pedicure and massage are the height of luxury for me!

Now, why do you owe your husband a corvette? Did you kill the one he had?

Jill said...

oh NO! I can't sign up! But here's my link!

Jill said...

I agree that responsible charities are a good way to go. Of course, you'd get rid of your money a lot quicker on irresponsible ones, lol. I'm sure we'd love a 2nd house, too, but I'm not sure I'd want to upkeep 2, ha ha!

Faye said...

I think it's interesting how most of FM players are quite happy with their current homes, lifestyle--would just like the luxury of a few buffer funds. That says so much about how we're living our lives, I think.

I haven't had too many pedicures and manicures but the few I have had were dee-lish! Forgot to add to my dream list, but I'd also include a room at home with some high end fitness equipment.

Roger said...

I wouldn't do the pedi/mani thing - go figure! But I would do the travelling, especially Disney thing. Oh and charities as well. And since I have published mine, albeit a tad late, I am sure my pastor will take note especially if I ever do win such a sum of cash, or more. :) Fun exercise, and I look forward to trying your next assignment, although if it has to do with romance... ;)

joanygee said...

I agree with Faye and isn't it good to know we are alike in some ways. Thank you for setting Feb's topics.

Kim said...

I had a pedicure once and couldn't figure out the appeal of it. Can't do the massage thing either, but the saying "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" works. :)

Sandy said...

I am not sure why but the thought of a heated pole barn made me giggle...thanks.

And Molly? Thanks for hosting this month.

Margaret said...

I would love a beach house with a view of the mountains. It wouldn't have to be fancy. I'd also like to travel and have enough money to not worry about retirement, health costs, etc...Since I never buy lottery tickets though, I'm not likely to win! :)