Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meet Daddy D

My husband, Daddy D, is a great guy, a kind man, and an excellent science teacher. Most importantly, he is a fabulous husband, a caring father, and a loving grandfather. He is mentioned in my Fun Monday, post of March 26th. As wished for in my perfect day post, Daddy D actually does bring me coffee in the morning. And after reading my perfect day post, the sweet man did try to find me some chocolate mint coffee.

By doing a myriad of tasks, my guy has always managed to keep the house running smoothly. Like our both of our fathers, he repairs and maintains most of the broken fixtures and appliances around the house. He likes cars and works at maintaining for our cars. He even keeps my car filled with gasoline. Additionally, for a few years he has been washing most of the dishes. Since we do not have a dishwasher, he diligently washes the dishes by hand. In turn, I usually do the cooking and sometimes the cleaning. This week, however, Daddy D has cooked and planned every single meal.

My thanks to him for all that he does and for this week of rest. Isn't he grand?

For this coming Fun Monday, Ms Cellania (ChrisB) asks players to show and/or describe a piece of vintage clothing. If you want to show off some beloved old threads, head over to sign-up.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Perfect Day

Disclaimer: In my perfect day, the world is at peace, and I am not obsessive about turning off the stove and the iron before leaving the house. That way, I am free to tool around in my shiny red Corvette or maybe that should be a classic turquoise 1957 T-bird convertible.

My perfect day would begin with the best cup of coffee in the world (like the chocolate mint coffee from the now defunct Daily Bread and Grind in Bloomington, Indiana) after a full night’s sleep in a warm and comfortable bed. My coffee would be served by my sweet husband, who would bring me the morning paper, which I would read at a leisurely rate. After rising, breakfast would include blueberry pancakes and red raspberries and cream and a maybe a glass of cold refreshing milk. Now, after a long, hot shower, I am ready to greet the day. My morning would be filled with me doing useful things for humanity, and with me being kind and compassionate, and this day would be without mistakes or petty irritations. I would travel in a shiny red corvette at a lightening fast speed. The other drivers would be conscientious and considerate. For lunch, I would dine with old friends that have moved away or who I never see. The afternoon would be for fun with relatives. We would go parasailing or snowboarding. I would zoom down a mountain on a nifty World Industries Flameboy Snowboard. Instead of being afraid of heights, I would be exhilarated by the wonder of the experience. For dinner, my husband and I would dine with our new blogging friends. After dinner, old friends, current friends, relatives, and our new friends will have a grand party that includes dancing till dawn. The last song, of course will be Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. The end of this grand, glorious day will be finished with the sweet elixir of a glass of Zeller Schwatze Katz wine. Then off to bed for …

Friday, March 23, 2007

White Robin Returns

Alas, I am back. As you know robins return in the springtime, and spring is here at last with figuratively and literally. In the summer of 2006, I started a blog called The Spring of the White Robin. As fall arrived, keeping up with my job as a seventh grade science teacher, carrying out various responsiblities at church, and maintaining the blog became difficult. Something had to go; so the blog was shut down on September 23, 2006. You know robins fly south for the winter. Now, that spring is here robins return as is my personal blog. Besides, I want to play a blog game called Fun Monday. Tristan of Brothertons asks the players to describe, "how would you like to wake up?"

What follows is my first entry on The Spring of the White Robin, which includes an explanation of the blog name and how I started blogging.

Why in the world would a sixty year old woman want to start a blog? Well, my involvement with all of this originated from reasons other than starting my own blog although my reasons are related to the world of blogdom. My original goal was merely to be able to comment on another blog. A friend had written a blog, and I desperately wanted to leave my own gems of wisdom as a comment. This particular blog at the time only allowed comments from members from the community. So I registered, enrolled, and logged-in with a display name, username and, of course, a clever as well as secret password.

All right, fine, so how was Spring of the White Robin born? Well, among other things, I imagine myself as a great writer. Okay, so my writing is not so great, but I have a great title. Strangely enough, there is such a bird as a white robin. Maybe there is not an all white robin, but there are robins with white feathers where other robins have red feathers, a robin white breast so to speak. So in my fantasy world where I AM the great writer, I write a tale for preteens about a young girl having grand adventures and creating splendid inventions during the spring, in which our heroine simultaneously discovers a pair of white robins. Of course, my novelette is adored by young girls everywhere; and thus, I am an instant success.

By now, if you have read this far, you may be thinking, “Why in the world would a sixty year old woman want to start a blog? The white robin story s*cks.” I have to admit that Blogger has seduced me with the opportunity to post my picture. Even though I am old and gray, I like this picture taken by my photographer son. And the overalls are one of my favorite things to wear. Hence, this blogging began as the desire to comment and as the vanity of having my picture along side my profound, humorous, and more often than not boring comments.