Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Monday - Least Favorite Chore

Lil' Mouse at The Adventures of Lil' Mouse is our host for this Fun Monday excursion. Lil' Mouse is asking us to tell about our least favorite chore.

If you asked me this when I was a child, my immediate response would have been doing the dishes. I hated this task, which was shared with my sisters. One of us would wash the dishes; the other had the responsibility of drying. During this unpleasantness, we would argue about who was required to rinse the dishes. Of course, some of the tiresomeness of the job was related to our constant bickering about the task at hand. Unfortunately (as I remember), we were unable to rise above pettiness, and each evening of dish-doing seemed interminable.

As a mature adult (old lady), I do not mind doing the dishes. Although there may be two reasons for this, 1) we have a dishwasher and 2) my husband, Daddy D, usually washes the few dishes that require hand-washing. But in these later years, I really do not mind any of the regular household tasks like vacuuming, dusting, washing the floors and windows, or even cleaning the toilet. What I really dread is sorting stuff whether the stuff is the daily mail, digital pictures, old clothes, books, or other treasures. Furthermore, deciding what should be kept and what should be tossed is difficult for me. Even after I have decided what to keep, I dread organizing the kept items.

You might think that our home looks like Adrian Monk's brother, Ambrose's house. However, I do occasionally force myself to sort, toss, and organize. I dread doing this both in my home and in my classroom. This past year, we moved to a new home, and I moved to a new classroom at school. These moves required a great deal of this decision-making, but I did not like it ONE BIT.