Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Flowers

For our Fun Monday assignment, Janis of Life According to Jan and Jer is asking us to relate what represents spring to us. First, I must confess that I misinterpreted the assignment. I thought that the assignment was to show pictures of spring flowers. Blossoming flowers do represent spring, but the arrival of the first robin, the melting of snow, fluffy white lambs also proclaim the new season.

I enjoy lovely cultivated flowers, but unusual wildflowers tend to be my favorites. Here are two that blossom early here in northwest Indiana. Below nestled in the moss between the bricks is the tiny Whitlow-Grass, Draba verna. You might miss this floral treasure if you are not especially observant.

Another early spring wildflower although not a blossom of beauty is Skunk Cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus. Both the common name and the species name refer to the fetid odor produced by the purplish-brown flower. I like looking for these odd flowers in late winter. To me the this strange smelly flower foretells the coming season.

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