Friday, July 24, 2009

Mirror, Mirror off the Wall

Our new house actually is not new but was built in 1977. We have been in the process of making changes in the house to make it our home. When we first viewed the house, there were three changes that came to mind. First, we wanted to do something to make the fireplace safe for visiting grandchildren. Second, we were determined to remove the ugly wallpaper in the bathroom. Third, the mirrored wall in the living room had to go.
I know that the mirrors make the room LOOK BIGGER; however, the effect is an illusion.
The mirrored wall actually limit where you can place furniture in the room.

Having the mirrored wall removed became a problem. Since this was glass, Daddy D and I decided to have the mirrors removed rather than making the removal a Ma and Pa Do-It-Yourself Project. Finding someone who does this type of work was easier than I first imagined. Glass and mirror businesses apparently routinely are asked to remove wall to ceiling mirrors like ours. However, finding someone to actually come to the house and take down the mirrors did prove to be a problem. I contacted five different local companies to remove the glass. Three of the businesses agreed to send a representative to give an estimate on the job. The first company failed to show up for three different appointments. Two other companies did not even commit to a specific time to look a the job. Glass Doctor guaranteed an email response in thirty minutes, but we never heard from the good doctor. Finally, a local company, MPI Glass, met me within twenty minutes, looked at the job, and gave an estimate. The next day early in the morning, the man and his son were at the house, had the mirrors off the walls, and carted away the glass in less than 30 minutes.

The man from MPI Glass efficiently removing the mirrors.

Our painter, Marco, preparing the walls for painting.

After the mirrors were removed, this allowed us to continue with other renovations. The same day, my husband and a friend replaced the drywall behind the mirrors. Our painter taped the drywall and then painted the living room. Then, we had the carpets cleaned. However, the delay in the mirror removal slowed our renovations. But finally, we are moving forward and are scheduled to move on Wednesday, July 29th.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Over the River...

Yikes, my last post was April 26th. Like most of you, I have been a little busy lately. Buying a new home has occupied some of my time. For a variety of reasons but mostly because of the flooding, we are moving from our home of 38 years. Our new house is in a quiet area without flooding issues.

I suppose more importantly may be our reasons for moving to the new home. The new house, which was built in 1977, offers a quiet neighborhood and is near a park. Our new home does not have a basement but does have a family room. The new home does have a lovely screened back porch and sits on an acre and a half plot of land.

We closed on the new home on Monday and have spent the week making changes in the house to make it our home. But hopefully long before Thanksgiving, we will be moved in and living to our new home in the country. If you come for a visit, we are just over the river and through the woods. (Okay, not really, but there is a river flowing through the park, which is in a wooded area.)