Monday, April 12, 2010

On Mondays, We Wash Our Clothes.

Jan of The Prytz Family is the host of this Monday's big event. For our task this week, Jan is asking us about our laundry rooms.

Last July, we moved to a new house. Since July, I have been planning a post to show the Internet all of the lovely facets of our new home. Unfortunately, that entry has not been written, but here are the details about laundry at the new house. First, the dirty clothes go into this convenient seagrass hamper in the bedroom. At the old house, the dirty clothes were collected in a plastic laundry basket at the bottom of the bedroom closet.


The laundry area in the new house is on a platform in our attached garage. At the old house, the washer and dryer were in the basement. After removing the clothes from the washer, they go straight into the dryer, and some clothes are taken out of the dryer mid-cycle to air dry on the clothes rack to the left in the picture. (No hanging clothes on the line outside for me. Yes, I know that the air-dried sheets smell wonderful, but I like to avoid bird poop on the laundry.)

In addition to washing clothes for my husband and myself, I wash a few coats for a charity, Coats for Kids (and families), started by our church. Our relatively new Whirlpool Cabrio washer has a big 4.6 cubic foot tub that is useful for washing gently used coats for our yearly giveaways.

(Note: The Fun Monday sticker is part of an embroidered picture that my mother made before I was born.)