Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happily Ever After

Hoosier Girl of The Coffee Table is this week's Fun Monday host. Hoosier Girl is contemplating marriage so she is asking, "What do you consider important to a good marriage or relationship?"

Even though I have been inconsistent with my blog and my Fun Monday participation, there are two reasons that I have signed up for this exercise. First, the lovely hostess is also from Indiana, and second, I have been married for a number of years, for 42 since the day after Christmas. Now, my longevity of marital bliss may not make me an expert at the topic, but I do have some reflections.

December 26, 1966

The first and foremost secret to a good realtionship is selecting a good partner. Perhaps, this is easier said than accomplished, but fortunately I did marry a kind, intelligent, handsome, and even-tempered man, Daddy D. Although we married at a relatively young age, we grew up together before our children were born. Additionally, I think that our willingness to forgive has helped this personal growth. Finally, although we have some separate interests, we do try to spend time with each other.

December 26, 2006 at the 40th wedding anniversary party that we threw for ourselves.

Maybe another pathway to a healthy relationship is the ability to have good time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

Sayre of Sayre Smiles is this week's Fun Monday host. The lovely and creative Sayre is asking us to " Take your camera to work and take pictures of the things that inspire you as you work or that inspires your co-workers."
I work at the Clifford Pierce Middle School where I teach science to seventh graders. With our vaulted entrance pointing upward, just walking into our building can be awe-inspiring.

But, what visitors see as they are inside the building is indeed inspirational to our students, staff members, and visitors alike. This huge space shuttle model hangs in the pointed entrance way. The space shuttle, which is 1:10 scale model of Endeavour, was originally constructed by a Cub Scout Pack in a nearby town. The Cub Scouts walked alongside the shuttle in a Fourth of July parade. The shuttle was then donated to the Merrillville Schools and hangs outside our Planetarium, which is the only planetarium in Northwest Indiana that presents group and public program.

To see other example of inspirational workplace artwork or to participate in this Fun Monday event, visit Sayre Smiles .

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dream a Little Dream with Me

This week's Fun Monday hostess is Jill, of The Adventures of Lil Mouse. Jill asking us about our dreams. Specifically, Jill asks, "Do you have any dreams, particularly recurrent ones that you feel no one else has? Or, just tell us about an odd dream you had as a kid.

Usually, I do not dream, or perhaps, something about my advanced age makes me incapable of remembering my dreams. However, conveniently for this Fun Monday, this past Friday night my sleep was disturbed by a frightening and memorable dream. In my dream, I was in very close proximity to an oncoming tornado. Strangely, this scary dream coincides with one of my real-life fantasies of photographing one of these dangerous weather phenomena. When I hear the television announcer proclaim a tornado warning or even when the local siren sounds the alarm, I always grab my camera and look for funnel clouds through the doorways and windows. You may think that being more frightened of an imaginary threat than a real hazard is strange. However, for some reason, the shadowy unknown always seems scarier to me than actual dangers.

I do remember another strange twilight dreaminess experience from my younger years. A couple of times, when I was in my teens, I remember being asleep, but I was conscious of trying to wake up. However, for a time period, which seemed eternal, I was not able to wake and be fully conscious. In this dreamlike not quite awake state, I seemed to float about the house. Although there were no scary monsters in these dreams, the semi-conscious state frightened me as I apparently had little control of my being.

Then, as a child, I dreamt that I was in a dentist chair, and this lady with hairy fingernails tried to choke me. When I awoke, the sheet was wrapped around my neck. (((Shudder))) This dream scared me for months. I may be fortunate not to remember most dreams these days.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Brotherly Love in the Summertime

This week's Fun Monday hostess is Patience. Knowing that patience is a virtue , my hostess will probably not mind my late entry to this week's event. The task for this Monday is, "How I'll Spend My Summer."
Since I teach school during the year, part of my summer vacation will be spent doing all the things that I put off during the rest of the year. Every year, I hope to do some serious cleaning and complete some much needed renovation on our sixty year old home. And every summer. I get less done than I planned.

However, perhaps Patience is actually referring to fun in the sun rather work in the gloom. Some years my husband and I do not actually travel for our vacation. Hopefully, this summer will not be one of those years. As you might infer from our title, Daddy D and I hope to visit Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, this summer. During our stay, we would to emphasize touring the historic sites in the city including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. I am not sure what else to see, but maybe you experienced travelers can give me some tips. Plus, our youngest son, Luke, has been there a few times, and he is very helpful with travel plans.

Luke with Rocky in Philadelphia

Happy Fun Monday, I have missed all of you.