Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Safely Remove a Splinter: Another Baking Soda Miracle

You already know several miracles that can be performed with baking soda, which is also called sodium bicarbonateYou can create a fabulous volcanic explosion by adding vinegar to the sodium bicarbonate. You can whip up a batch of tasty biscuits. You can ameliorate odoriferous fumes by placing a tub of baking soda in the smelly room or area. In a pinch, you can use the wonder chemical as an antacid although this is not recommended for a long term remedy. (Plus, the taste of baking soda is not pleasant.) Furthermore, baking soda can be used as a non-toxic cleaner. 

Perhaps, you did not realize as I did not realize that baking soda can be used to remove splinters. Last weekend, I managed to pick-up a small splinter in the surface of the skin on my little finger. My first course of action was to try to remove the small piece of wood with tweezers. I was not able to remove the splinter in this way probably for two reasons. First, not enough wood was open to the air; and second, these old eyes do not not see as well as they used to. Not to mention, that the old hand is not that steady. (I did not resort to the old method of digging at the splinter with a needle. Aren't you glad? That probably is not a a good idea or a hygienic practice.) Back to the baking soda...I found this option of removing the foreign object by Googling, "safe splinter removal." I found an article recommending applying a baking soda paste and covering the paste with a bandage. Then, leave the paste and bandage on the splinter overnight. Reapply if needed in the morning. I did this process and reapplied the bandage and baking soda as the splinter was still lodged in my finger. However shortly, the bandage got wet, and I was about the reapply. But, the splinter was gone, and the finger is fine. See baking soda to the rescue performing yet another miracle.

Disclaimer: Do not use this method if your splinter is deeply embedded, inflamed, or infected. Medical personnel should remove serious splinter issues.