Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun Monday on Wednesday

Karmyn of Dreaming of What Ifs was the host of the August 10th Fun Monday event. When I peeked at the task that Karmyn assigned of showing pictures of what grows in our gardens, I was determined to participate. However, Monday came and passed, and I did not get around to composing my post.

My status of gardener is probably at the kindergarten or even pre-school level. At our old home of 38 years, I rarely planted anything in the ground, but I am appreciative of what was planted by the former owners. In the spring at our old house, lovely paper Narcissus grow on the north side, and sweet-smelling Lilies of the Valley grow on the south side. Dandelions as well as violets thrive in the new spring lawn. In July next to the garage, Day Lilies bloom for the entire month.

Lilies of the Valley

Sweet Violets

Day Lilies

At our new home in the country, we have a new set of plants again cultivated by the former owners. The day we closed on the house, a gorgeous Yucca Plant greeted us with a large cluster of white blooms. After we moved actually moved in the house, several Rose of Sharon bushes started blooming. To add to this delight, we have observed a hummingbird flitting around the blossoms. This has added great joy to our country living.

Rose of Sharon

Two interesting plants from my mother-in-law have joined us in the country. One odd plant with a fetid-smelling flower, which my husband's family calls Kruby although the plant is actually named Konjac and scientifically named Amorphophallus konjac. The foul smelling plant has some scary common names like Devil's Tongue and Voodoo Lily. The other plant blooms at night, and my mother-in-law calls this one Night Bloomer because the blooms only open in the dark.

Amorphophallus konjac - Devil's Tongue

"Night Bloomer"

Thanks to Karmyn for hosting this Fun Monday. I am sorry to have missed the real event, but I hope to visit the other particpants to see what is growing at their homes.